• Archery score card tracking application for the iPhone

Score Cards​

Arrow Tracer’s score card page displays all your previous score cards. Score cards are highlighted by the average score colour of your round, personal bests are displayed in purple. This gives you a quick overview of how you have scored compared to previous rounds.

Simple and Clean Interface

Arrow Tracer has a simple clean interface allowing quick entry of rounds. It has a light interface to be readable in bright light and large score buttons for easy score input.

Round Library

Arrow Tracer’s online library contains rounds from archery organisations. Simply tap the round to add it to your app and start shooting. The library will continue to evolve over time with more rounds from more organisations being added. The library currently contains Archery GB and World Archery rounds. If you would like to request rounds to be added please use the contact form.


Track Multiple Bows

Track multiple bows of different types. If you change equipment on your bow, create a new bow in Arrow Tracer to see how your change effects your results and make informed choices on equipment.

Sight Marks

Arrow tracer will track your sight marks and display them on your score card so you have a reference for the different distances you are shooting at.

Personal Bests

Keep track of all of your personal bests for rounds and bows.

Online Round Library

Library of rounds from different organisations that can be quickly added to your app, removing the need for lots of data input.

Track Shooting Locations

Arrow Tracer will track the locations where you shoot or you can manually add locations so you can review score cards shot at specific locations.

Share you Score Cards

Export Score cards via Email, Twitter and PDF

Simple and intuitive interface

Works as you would expect an iOS application to work. Use of colour so you can quickly find personal bests or get a idea of your average score for rounds.

Custom rounds

Create your own custom rounds if they are not available in Arrow Tracers online library.